After 14 years of off and on blogging, I have decided to start a whole new blog.  Yep…I am starting from scratch!  You see, in 14 years, technology has changed sooo much!! 🙂  I have created websites and finally had the opportunity to have someone else design my website (which is great and has freed up more time for not only my family but my clients).  The downside, I gave up my blog.  With all of my amazing clients keeping me busy, I have found it hard to take the time to blog.  HOWEVER, with the start of an amazing season, I have decided to to get back to blogging!  I won’t lie…I am really excited to share with you images and stories of my amazing clients!  So, hold on tight and let the fun begin!! And, just for fun I have included a picture of my beautiful daughter that I took this past weekend before her school formal!

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