Favorite Mantra

I am always worthy of amazing things.

Morning Habit

Coffee & more coffee.


I have photographed 257 weddings and still cry everytime!


Summer! Give me heat, sunshine and the Lake!

A Few of My Faves

...and this is my family that loves to adventure with me! I love meeting people and hearing their stories!  I love telling my story too!  I was never supposed to start a life in North Carolina.  I love to hike and all things outdoors and decided to do Graduate School in North Carolina.  I randomly met a local boy while white water kayaking, and well, it is all greatness from there!  We started a life on his family land, have 2 amazing kiddos (that also love all things outdoors), and we love time on the lake (maybe too much..haha)!  We have now been married for 17 years, love a good adventure and meeting new friends along the way!

I'm Cristen...

Let's Get Personal


fun facts about me


Yes, I know, crazy right?  I could literally hang out at a coffee shop, drink coffee and make new friends while people watching.

coffee is my love language

I will try every time, but I totally embarrass my husband when I try singing in the car.

I cannot sing

I thought I was in love when we got married but I had no idea how much more I would love him 14 years later! 

I married my best friend. for real.

I could live out of a suitcase and be just fine! I love seeing different cultures, landscapes, and of course, try out new coffee shops!

traveling makes my soul oh so happy

Yes, I said friend. I am now a big part of the most important day of your life! What does that mean? That means I am here for you.  No question is silly and I will work as a team with your other vendors to make your day run smoothly.  This day is about ya'll (okay, that is a midwest girl trying to sound southern..haha)! But really, your day will be amazing and I will capture it every step of the way!

You are about to have a friend that can give you all their knowledge about weddings and capturing the best images! 

Where we go from here, my friend -

Ready to get started?

Autumn Olive Photography